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September 13, 2006

Advanced SQL Techniques

This session will cover advanced SQL topics, such as writing SQL procedure scripts; editing data values; function summary for strings, numbers, dates, controls; using sub-selects and common table expressions to query inside SELECTs; derive query result tables; find potential duplicate data rows in tables (the same customer with 2 different customer numbers and records ); sales query example using grouping summaries and using RPG programs as SQL procedures to generate data for Web programs and basic tools for running SQL tasks.

Jim Mason is Director of Technical Services at, a System i Web specialist delivering engineering, development, implementation, hosting, support, and training services for WebSphere and open-source environments.  In addition to developing Web applications, teaching QuickWeb tutorials for developers and administrators over the Web and writing a course on IBM WebSphere Community Edition, Jim hosts 2 free Web user groups for System i, a free user group for System i to learn rapid Web development and a free user group to learn open-source WebSphere solutions.

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