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Roundtable Discussions to Help Your Company

Join us for lively roundtable discussions of ways to help your company.  Our three facilitators will help lead the discussions at each table.  The three areas of discussion are:

•  Table 1 — How to Save Money at Your Company.  Are you being told that costs need to be reduced?  Come hear what others are doing to cut costs during this economic crunch.  Tom Tranghese from A.J. Oster will lead this discussion.  Come away with some good ideas you can take back and discuss with your boss!

•  Table 2 — How to Justify the Migration from a S/36 (or S/36 Environment) to an iSeries Running Native Code.  If you are still on a S/36 (or running mostly in the S/36 Environment) then join in with the discussion at this table.  Find out the reasons why it is not prudent, nor does it make economic sense to stay with your current environment.  Faith Lamprey from Aurora Technologies will lead this discussion.

•  Table 3 — What is really meant by a “Modern Developer Skill Set.”  Trying to upgrade your skills?  Wondering which of the many new tools that are out there should be ones you learn?  Participate with this group to hear what others are learning or planning to learn to keep their skills sharp and up to date.  Dick Ferrara from NATCO Products will be the group leader for this group.


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