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April 11, 2007

How To Get Started with the CODE Component of WDS

PDM and SEU have officially been discontinued by IBM. No new development will go into these tools except to keep them current with syntax changes. So where do you go from here? This presentation will introduce you to the basics of installing and using the IBM Websphere Studio’s CODE editor and CODE designer. CODE is one of the components of WDSC. Using this piece of WDSC gives you an easy first step in getting started utilizing this powerful IBM tool. The CODE editor lets you edit source for programming languages. It uses language editing features (such as syntax checking, language sensitive help, and token highlighting) to help you edit each specific programming language. CODE Designer removes the drudgery from managing your DDS files. Using a customized visual editor, you can create new DDS screens, printer files, and physical files. Remember when programming was fun? Have fun again with this tool!

Tim Eagan is a consultant with Aurora Technologies, Inc. a software development and consulting company specializing in EDI implementation and support. He has almost 15 years of experience in iSeries programming, and specializes in web application architecture for iSeries systems. Tim is an experienced developer and has provided consulting to a number of companies.

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