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February 20, 2008

Develop Your Own Web Data Mart with MYSQL
with Jim Mason


In this session you will learn how to use the latest Enterprise Open-source Solutions (EOS) data management tools to create a Web Data Mart for your iSeries with MySQL.  World-class EOS tools are free and work with your iSeries!  Learn how to browse and query production data on any database (DB2, Oracle, MS SQL, Access), create matching MySQL reporting views, and define or change logical data models and synchronize them with your MySQL Data Mart.  Then discover how to define Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) jobs to update your Web Data Mart from DB2/400 production data and visually create Web reports.  Get real world insight that will enable you to deliver the reporting solutions your business needs by leveraging the power of a visually managed EOS Data Mart using DB2/400 or MySQL! 

 Jim Mason is Director of Software Engineering and a System i Web specialist delivering Web solutions, support and training.  You can reach Jim at   An author and frequent speaker at COMMON and DEVCON conferences, Jim has helped companies deliver new Web solutions and develop new skills with the latest Web technologies.


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