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April 19, 2006

Ops Navigator

with Dick Grenham

Dick Grenham has had an IBM career spanning more than 30 years. During that time, Dick has been responsible for supporting the System/38, mainframe communications, and the AS/400. When with IBM, he was also part of the team that provided early AS/400 education to IBM personnel worldwide. He is currently an independent consultant, providing data communications, Client Access, and other AS/400 skills for his clients.


Operations Navigator is a feature of Client Access that provides a Windows "look and feel" graphical interface to many OS/400 administrative functions. This session will take a look at the function in the Management Central portion of Navigator that will capture all of the pertinent data in real time during those 'unexplained' periods of slow response time, and display it graphically on a PC. It also captures all of the jobs that are executing and graphs their utilization. It monitors in the background and pops up a window on the PC when any one of a number of thresholds (response time, CPU, Interactive CPU etc.) have been exceeded.

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